Here are some great stories written by participants in our camps (and a couple by Brian).

The Mystical Museum by Patrick Bock (Aged 9)

Noble Wolf by Khalid Ahmed (Aged 9)

Plausibility by Amelie Ram (Aged 12)

Miss Pamela Jeans by Ashleigh Ryan (Aged 10)

Witch Academy by Lara Baker (Aged 10)

The Zombie Wave by Shelby Coles (Aged 10)

The Misunderstanding by Abbie Graham (Aged 10)

The Library of Life by Emily Hodge (Aged 10)

The Mysterious Mountain by Patrick Hunter (Aged 9)

My Friend Maggie by Katelyn Trost (Aged 10)

Finding the Light by Imogen Bunn (Aged 11)

Fear of Worms by Abigail Kate Johnston (Aged 11)

ESM and the Web by Maxine Gamer (Aged 10)

The Journey by Ebony Niethe (Aged 10)

Forgotten by Bethany Wilson (Aged 12)

The Misunderstanding by Alexandra Hurst (Aged 9)

2109 by Alexander Tucker (Aged 10)

Ben the Robot by Brian Falkner

Strawberry Lou by Brian Falkner

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Operated by Falkner Specialty Books